Angel Vollick, founder of Angel Wings Yoga, is a certified black belt in Chinese Kempo, fire dancer, and has completed three 200 hour yoga teacher training programs certified though The Yoga Network of Canada and Yoga Alliance. In addition, she has completed many retreats, workshops and weekly classes as her thirst for knowledge and love of sharing is ongoing. She has been actively teaching yoga since 2011. Angel also has spent many years teaching private Spanish lessons, a language she acquired through her travels around the world.


Her desire for connection not only lies in sharing yoga with people, but also in working with horses, two of which she keeps on her farm with her loving family in Stayner. Natural horsemanship shares a very close similarity to the philosophy of yoga. Angel uses the Equine language to develop a deeper connection of trust with the horses, that is very similar to the connection that can be developed between yoga teacher and student. Angel is currently working through her levels in Natural Horsemanship.

Angel’s experience in Martial Arts, coupled with the beauty of Fire Dancing, has given her the ability for teaching unique classes. Angel Wings Yoga offers classes to help with balance, flexibility and strength with the intention of taking yoga beyond the mat into your everyday life.